About Sue

After more or less ignoring my blog for a few years, I’m back! I’m participating in a very fun photo scavenger hunt, so many if not all of my posts will be about that for the next few months.

Feel free to leave a comment or two and let me know how you discovered my blog!

My bio:

When I was 11, I received my first camera and took pictures of everything! I have taken many classes and shot a lot of photos since then.

Clemson University captured my heart, and it was there I earned my first bachelor’s degree, in economics—truly a fascinating social science—with a minor in creative writing, and a handful of courses in graphic design and printing.

I moved to Athens in 1999, entering a master’s program in magazine journalism at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Magazines perfectly encompass my passions for writing, editing, design and photography.

After a three-year fling in the world of in-house marketing (and retail management—yikes!) for a local pet store, I began working in public relations for higher education in January 2004. While working full-time at the University, I also completed a second bachelor of fine arts degree in photography.

I have worked for the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine since March 2005, and I rarely have the same workday twice. I am part of an active and successful external affairs team comprised of public relations professionals, development officers, and a director of alumni relations/special events.


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